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Gernot Ernst

Vestre Viken Hospital Trust, Kongsberg hospital

Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, Operative Medicine and Emergency Care

Drammensvei 2,  3612 Kongsberg, Norway

bserng [at]

I am an anesthesiologist and neurobiologist interested in:

  •  Clinical research in pain treatment and palliative care
  •  Neurobiological base of social behavior

5 thoughts on “

  1. hi gernot, sieht ja cool aus. aber zu sehr wie morgens nach harter nachtschicht. lach mal. bis dann rolf ( immer noch in derry)


    1. Das ist nicht nach dem Nachtdienst, sondern IM Nachtdienst, nämlich dann wenn ich versuche, einen Artikel o.ä. zu schreiben…


  2. Hi doctor Ernst, I’m Mario Lozano from Argentine, and I read your thesis from why the right return and have a incredible sucessfull arround the world, your simplicity for explain the complexy is very illuminating for me, thank you very mutch!


  3. Dear Professor Ernst,

    I’m Gustavo Cesped Cariaga, chilean sociologist. Nice to meet you.
    I read a interview about you ( and I really felt intersesting about what you told there.
    I am entering to the neuropolitical readings, and I feel very honoured if you could suggest some books and readings.
    Regards from Santiago, Chile,



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